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Department of Chemistry

Laboratory of
Bioinorganic Chemistry


Applications are invited for  Research Fellow positions, as part of the the project entitled “Bioinspired Solar Energy Utilization. Reinforcing and expanding the research potential of bioinorganic chemistry laboratory to a regional and European kernel of excellence” (BIOSOLENUTI), funded by the European Commission.

The project will be implemented at the Laboratory of Bioinorganic Chemistry (LBIC)  of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Crete.

Bioinspired Synthetic Chemistry is at the heart of chemical sciences because it is the art of selectively making and breaking chemical bonds in a biomimetic way. The BIOSOLENUTI project aims at unlocking and developing the research potential of the laboratory of bioinorganic chemistry not only in the area of porphyrin hybrid derivatives but nanostructured materials in general.

Implementation of BIOSOLENUTI will pave the way for:

  • the preparation of diverse hybrid materials consisting of new porphyrine ligands as electron donors including (metallo)porphyrins with functionalized nanocarbon tubes, and/or natural polymeric species in which donor and acceptor molecules are covalently linked by molecular bridges.
  • the detailed characterization of the new porphyrin-based hybrids materials in terms of structure (spectroscopic methods, x-ray, NMR, HRMS) and morphology analysis  (TEM, AFM)

the determination of the excited states of relevance to the photoinduced transfer of charge and/or energy and of the mechanism of such processes.

  • the properties’ evaluation and exploitation of the new porphyrin-based hybrid materials in energy conversion schemes, as well as the detailed and integrated knowledge of structure-design properties-optimization.

The applicants should have a research experience greater than 4 years (after obtaining their bachelor’s degree) in chemistry, while experience in synthetic inorganic and/or organic chemistry, spectroscopic characterization by various NMR techniques,  electrochemistry, absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy as well as x-ray analysis is highly desirable.

The appointment will be initially for 12 months, with the possibility for a maximum of two 12-month renewals, for a maximum total period of 36 months, subject to performance. The financial contribution will depend on the age, experience and qualifications of the Research Fellow according to the usual practices of the University of Crete.

Applications including a full CV with list of publications, summary of current research interests and two recommendation letters, should be e-mailed as soon as possible (positions available from April 1st 2009).

we are seeking talented and committed individuals to join our research team.
Motivated candidates with BS in Chemistry or Biology with interest to bioinorganic synthesis and physico-chemical characterization of new artificial hemes for medical applications are welcome.

Now, one or two positions are available focused on the investigation of

  • new photo-sensitizers for medical applications and/or
  • synthetic nucleases for RNA mapping.