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Department of Chemistry

Laboratory of
Bioinorganic Chemistry

as will be described in detail below,

the scientific concept of BIOSOLENUTI project

emerges from a request for a bioinspired basic research in revolutionary chemistry

for the highly efficient and cost effective production of fuels and electricity by the direct conversion of solar photons.

The scientific innovation expected in this new photoconversion program will underpin future renewable technologies Third Generation Solar Photon Conversion based on advanced and functional bio-nanoarchitectures consisting of metalloporphyrins coupled with well-designed peripheral substutuants
as electron donors and electron acceptors friendly to the environment.

The aim pursued owing to the BIOSOLENUTI project

is the exploitation and dissemination
by a careful design and evaluation,

of innovative energy conversion systems,

in solar and fuel cells.

"Bioinspired Materials for Solar Enerfy Utilization"    www.biosol2011.gr

  International Conference BIOSOL2011

  12-17 September, 2011

  Chania, Crete, Greece                


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