... 1st international conference on "Bioinspired Materials for Solar Energy Utilization", Heraklion (?) 2011 to be announced ...

Department of Chemistry

Laboratory of
Bioinorganic Chemistry

  BIOSOLENUTI is the acronym of the project entitled:

  BIO inspired Sol ar EN ergy Uti lization

    a Research Potential action supported by the FP7 (regional potential 2008-1)

    Grant agreement no.: 229927

Coordinator  Athanassios G. Coutsolelos  

Professor in Chemistry  

Education Docteur es Science  

Schools Universitéé de Dijon, University of Houston  

Major Chemistry  

Email coutsole@chemistry.uoc.gr 

Skype coutsole  

web site www.chemistry.uoc.gr/coutsolelos/